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evilbeard's Journal

The Grand Laminator
16 July
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Hiya, I'm a quirky, silly, and remarkably well-adjusted (considering the quality of parenting nowadays) kinda guy. Most of my friends consider me kind and nice, which is essentially saying that I am a sucker (very true).

As of may 2002 I am the proud father of a Bachelor of Arts in English degree. I did a year of grad school but wasn't very successful and was asked to take a hike. Originally I had planned to teach junior college or high school but now teaching doesn't sound as appealing as it used to.

My life took a dramatic upswing when on February 18 2001 I married Sarah. We've been at each others throats ever since and life is heavenly.

update: on January 20th 2004 Jackson Maitland Boyle came into the world. My life has been turned upside down and I wouldn't have it any other way (well except upside down with a crapton more money!)

Mukor Rules This Galaxy.
Mukor Rules ALL Galaxies!
80's music, adult swim, akira, alton brown, appleseed, aqua-teen hunger force, arakawa: under the bridge, arcata, avatar: the last airbender, bakemonogatari, baking, beulah, black lagoon, blasteroids, bokurano, bookstores, brak, brock sampson, bubblegum crisis 2040, built to spill, bushmills, c s lewis, cake, california, call and response, cheap booze, cheese, children of the sea, chocolat, chocolate chip cookies, chondrosarcoma, chow yun fat, cibo matto, coffee, coloring books, comic books, cookies, corn, corndogs, cowboy bebop, crown royal, deconstruction, detroit metal city, douglas coupland, e e cummings, earthworm jim, eden of the east, edward gorey, ee cummings, eureka, evangelion, fencing, firefly, food network, foodtv, foucault, gaming, gasaraki, go team venture, good eats, good friends, guided by voices, h.p. lovecraft, hayao miyzaki, humboldt, humboldt state university, hush puppies, jackson, jameson, japanese snacks, jet girl, johnny cash, kaori ohara, krfh, lego, libraries, literature, lobster magnet, lost continent of mu, love hina, making characters, manga, micronauts, modest mouse, mukor, nanowrimo, naomi ayukawa, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nerf, not knowing anything, oatmeal cookies, obfuscation, old school bbses, patsy cline, pavement, peanut butter cookies, pocky, poetry, pretty girls, rain, robert heinlein, robots, rod the tv, rolaids, roland barthes, role-playing games, rpgs, ryo-ohki, science fiction, sealab 2021, sf, shortbread, sifl & olly, silliness, snowcrash, solitude, soul coughing, star trek voyager, star wars gangsta rap, stargate sg-1, stupidity, sub girl, submarines, submersibles, subs, sushi, tank girl, the retreat, the simpsons, the tick, the wiggles, thinking, tim powers, tolkien, tom waits, tonari no totoro, trader joe's, ventura county, venture brothers, vince guaraldi, weezer, welcome to the nhk, whiskey, wolfgang iser, zorak