November is always freaky.

You ever notice that? Cancer diagnoses come in November. And the return of old friends. Sort-of novels sort-of get written. Sometimes they don't. Normally freaky freaks me out. No really, it's true. I love my chaos but I've found I love it more in tiny bite-sized morsels, like chocolate chips in a cookie. Cookie isn't as good without them but too many and it ceases being a cookie. What was I saying again?
freaky baby


I read an essay at Salon detailing why NaNo is a waste of time and that non-writers should just give it up and accept their non-writer status. Unfortunately it was like a box cutter across the gut and now I am standing here in shock watching my motivation spill out onto my shoes.


It's November and I am at it again. Currently behind schedule and lacking a head of steam I yet have faith I can pull it off.

Why why why

Why don't I use this place anymore? I hardly even check my friends list. It must be the attention deficit as I've been laying all over Facebook and refusing to get up. It's just too easy to lurk and comment and occasionally post pictures or whatnot.

Maybe if I started writing more I might come back to the verbosity that I've always felt was LiveJournal's domain.

Hopefully any of you still reading love me anyway. =p

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Originally submitted at Adult Swim Shop

The Guild. Probably the most secretive collection of individuals ever to have an official handbook and promotional videos. Well, now they have their own hoodie as well. Wrap yourself in evil from head to waist with this warm, sturdy, cotton polyester blended piece of official business, and kick you...

The Venture Bros. Guild of Calamitous Intent Hoodie

Chock Full O' Nefariousness

By Evilbeard from Sacramento, CA on 6/17/2010


4out of 5

Pros: Lubricious, Comfortable, Soft, Flattering

Cons: Death Ray doesn't fit

Best Uses: VIllainy, Casual Wear

Describe Yourself: Scheming, Maniacal, Comfort-oriented

Being XL in size and 2XL in length I usually don't find shirts and hoodies that fit well in both but the Guild of Calamitous Intent hoodie seems to be just right.

Oh and the Police give me a wide berth when I am wearing it so villainy is much easier to accomplish.



it's been blah but ok

What I thought would be a triumphal Winter after finishing my first novel quickly turned sour with illness and a death. I've been feeling better than I thought I would thanks to a lot of love and understanding; so those of you who might worry about me don't need to. I'm doing alright and looking ahead to even better times.

I am teh Winner

nano_09_winner_120x240, originally uploaded by rejack23.

Not sure I mentioned it here but I made it to the finish line of my 50,000 word sprint and with a whole two hours to spare. Hooray for me!

p.s. I really should thank bixie for her excellent cheerleading. Every year I've participated she has really had my back and I want to dedicate this win to her. Thanks Bixie.

NaNo Journal

Day18: (7:15am) Spent most of yesterday's writing time plotting; trying to find the next scene to write. It was a tough day. Today, I am in kindergarten so it's early writing. I'm now pushing up against hard and when things get hard is my usual cue to give up. Need to keep this momentum going.

Day19: (8:20am) The sludge is getting thicker and trudging slower. My writing muscles just aren't fit, too soon they start burning from lactic acid. I just don't know how to make it interesting I guess.

Day20: Writing the fist fight last night was fun, even the kiss at the end. That kind of stuff is hard to write. There's an ethereal you want to convey but words insulate you from the thing, create a separate space between you even as they exist as an attempt to bridge that gap, like tires on your car they insulate you from the road but are what keep the car rolling down it. As hard as writing that fight was it felt rewarding too. More of my characters are coming out into plain view showing me things they want me to understand. I'm trying to ignore plot holes and changing story elements and find more of those moments with my characters.

Nano Journal

Day13: (11:30am)Ensconced yet again in my corner at Boulevard. I'm happy with the 1500/850 I did in yesterday's two writing sessions. Kinda stuck where I am in the story so I went to a flashback and the words just poured out. Introduced a side character that was just a name previously. Now I want to feature him more prominently. He's still pretty generic at this point, too serious, too lonewolf, too honorable. I'm beginning to realize I know nothing about people who aren't me. (1812)

Day15: (6:00pm) Just started for the day. Hit 25k last night. Who knew writing was so easy? All you have to do is forget all about quality or coherence. Not sure how I am going to make anything interesting but I keep writing anyway. I switch tenses, switch viewpoint, forget what my characters are actually doing while I ramble, but I keep writing. I just keep crossing my fingers that with my eyes closed I can find the way. (2015)

Day16: Monday has been my best day of the week so far for word count. Crossing fingers, whispering anti-hexes, beseeching ancestors, there is nothing I wont stoop to in order to win. (2368)

Day17: (11:00am) Still cranking, still sucking, still ok with that. So far it's been much easier translating the already existing inner pictures than creating new pieces to fit in. Some of my characters like to talk a lot. It's definitely saved my word count and I am pretty sure they are doing it on purpose trying to figure out who the hell they are. (754)