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Is it just a ghost town around here now? I haven't spent much time here because it's been easier to relieve the pressure behind my eyes with quick short inanities on Facebook, finding thinner but more numerous tendrils of connection in photos and reminiscences and chat. My problem with Facebook was the same problem I had with MySpace: having something to say was an afterthought, a tiny piece of the social-oriented whole. I guess that's where LiveJournal is massively superior. You can be social and chat here and comment and post pictures but the focus has always been on words. I do miss words.


May. 29th, 2011 11:52 pm (UTC)
I have periods where I think LJ is slowing down but then I just add some new names to my f-list. As long as I keep restocking with new journals, I find I have plenty of posts to read. In fact, after coming back from a few weeks away from LJ, I'm finding it kind of overwhelming to get caught up again. I really like LJ the most of the various social sites online that I've tried.